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Heading into Spring . . . . . .

February was a busy month and now that we’re into March things normally get busier. This is the time of year when folk start to come out of their winter hibernation and launch themselves into activities they’ve not done for some time, so be careful.



Mulberry Osteopaths Coronavirus Update.

Monday 1st March

Since returning at the beginning of July 2020 we’re now well in to the new way of working. We’ve steadily got busier as patients have started to realise we’re back on duty and new patients have been arriving as well which is great to see. To keep up with the increasing demand we’ve gradually extended the time table although it is still slightly reduced on what we previously had in place.

Unfortunately, as a result of the latest Covid-19 restrictions, we are without reception cover again for the moment although there is some remote reception in place so e-mails will be picked up and answered. E-mail is probably the best way to contact us just now as the telephones will not be manned.

At the moment the only way we can operate and adhere to social distancing and increased hygiene measures is to offer the reduced clinic timetable with only one osteopath practicing at any one time. This means being able to see less patients in each clinic session to allow for cleaning routines to be carried out between patients.

Follow the link for information regarding our temporary clinic timetable.

Follow this link for information regarding what to expect when you attend for an appointment during this phased return.

Although there is now a limited reception cover you can also make appointments via the Mindbody App or by e-mail.

Telephone messages will be picked up periodically but e-mail remains the preferred way to contact us.

Patrick Harding formed Mulberry Osteopaths in 1999. We now have a team of three Osteopaths working at Mulberry House in the West End of Edinburgh.

Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy that focuses on the framework of the body consisting of the bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues or fascia. Osteopaths assess the condition of this musculo-skeletal system looking for areas of imbalance or excessive strain. Any imbalance within the system will determine how well the body functions and will also have an influence on the general health of the whole body.

Osteopaths have become well known for treating back problems because they are so good at it, however, many other conditions can be very successfully treated with osteopathy. The musculo- skeletal system forms the framework that carries the body’s network of nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics. It also physically supports the internal organs. The health of the musculo-skeletal system influences the health of the rest of the body.

Osteopathic treatment aimed at improving the mechanics of the body will affect such things as blood and nerve supply as well as activity of the internal organs. It is because of this that osteopathy, as well as treating the more obvious headaches,joint problems, sports injuries and postural strains, can also improve general health.

At Mulberry Osteopaths the emphasis is with ‘hands-on’ treatment which will be backed up with self help approaches such as the prescription of exercises and postural advice. We would hope that by offering you a better understanding of how the body is functioning we may help you to avoid recurring problems.

Please note that the Mulberry House reception is not open at this time so no one will be available to answer telephone calls. The only way to make appointments with Mulberry Osteopaths at the moment is via the Mindbody App or by e-mail.

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