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Osteopathy and Back Pain

Osteopaths treat many conditions but we are still best known for the treatment of back problems. It should also be recognised that problems in the back may produce pain and symptoms elsewhere such as in the pelvis, hips or legs and feet, such as in cases of sciatica. In these situations the osteopath is there to assess the whole walking mechanism and treat accordingly.

Likewise problems in the neck can lead to headaches, dizziness or pins and needles in the arms or hands. Again osteopathy is well known for the treatment of these types of conditions.

It is interesting to note that NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence), who produce guidelines for the medical profession, recommend manipulative therapies including osteopathy for the treatment of low back pain. Pain killers, anti-inflammatory medication and rest is often not the best approach. At Mulberry Osteopaths the emphasis is placed on ‘hands on’ treatment backed up with self help approaches for the patient to follow.

Back pain can affect the young or old, manual workers or desk bound executives, sports people and the totally unfit. It may be the result of postural problems, injuries, arthritis, pregnancy and many other factors. In each case the osteopath is trained to assess the problem in a holistic way and offer ways to regain good structural balance.