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Procedures and Risk Assessment In relation to Covid-19 – 9th October 2021

In light of the on going Covid-19 situation Mulberry Osteopaths will be complying as much as possible to guidelines issued by the professional Osteopathic bodies and advice issued by the Scottish government. We will be operating with co-operation and assistance from the management team at Mulberry House.  The following procedures are in place:

  1. Reduced Timetable – Only one osteopath will be operating on any one day and, in line with present advice appointments will be gapped out to allow for ventilation and cleaning of the treatment room. This inevitably means a reduction in the availability of appointments. An updated clinic timetable will be posted on the website.
  2. Patient Appointments – Initially appointments will be made available to existing patients or acute new patients. Where possible appointment times will be limited to 30 minutes and new patients will be offered an initial telephone consultation prior to actual appointments to limit face to face contact.
  3. Covid-19 patients – Patients with covid-19 symptoms or those that have had contact with someone with covid-19 should not attend for treatment. Patients attending for treatment will be asked if they have had covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone with covid-19 symptoms.
  4. Appointments – Limited reception cover is available at Mulberry House at the moment so you may wish to make appointments via the Mindbody app or by e-mail contact direct to Mulberry Osteopaths or one of the Osteopaths.
  5. Waiting times – In order to minimise contact with other patients you will be encouraged to attend on time for appointments. There will be no waiting room and patients will be required to waiting in the foyer until collected by the Osteopath.
  6. Practice Hygiene – Mulberry House will provide hand sanitiser for use by patients attending for appointments and disposable paper towels will replace normal towels in the toilet.
  7. Treatment Room Hygiene – Towels, material couch covers, pillowcases and gowns will be removed from the treatment room. All treatment surfaces will be wipeable. Plinths and pillows will be sanitised after each patient along with any other surface that the patient may have contacted such as chair, table, card terminal.
  8. PPE – Osteopaths will use sufficient PPE and the level of PPE used will be at the discretion of the Osteopath.
  9. Payments – Payments will be made by card using contactless payment when possible. Use of cash will be discouraged.

This is a working document and will be adapted in light of changes in guidance received.

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