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Osteopathy and Sport

Climbing, cycling, skiing, tennis  . . . . . whatever your sport or pastime, to stay on top of your game you may sometimes need a little help. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at osteopathy can help you if it’s the first time you’ve gone for a run since leaving school or if you’re taking you sport seriously and making it your profession. We’re all human and we can all get into trouble no matter how fit we might be.

To maximise your performance we can help to keep you flexible and fit.  Using massage techniques and mobilisation of joints, together with simple exercise regimes and sensible back care advice, osteopathy can ease the strain.

Osteopathy is also there to get you back in shape quickly following accidents and injuries.  Pulled muscles, low back pain, strained shoulders, knee pain . . you name it we can get you through it.

Planning an activity holiday?  Get yourself checked out before you go or let us pick up the pieces on your return.