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Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Mulberry Osteopaths have gained a lot of experience working with pregnant women over the years because of the close relationship we have with other teachers and therapists practising at Mulberry House. Yoga in Pregnancy classes, Birth Preparation workshops and Pregnancy Massage are just a few of the things that bring pregnant women (and their families) in to Mulberry House.

The shifting stresses and strains of pregnancy, together with the changing hormonal influences on the body, can highlight old physical weaknesses. Also finding new ways to walk, move, sit and sleep as a result of the changes in size and shape may introduce new aches and pains.

Despite what you might hear low back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain and generalised backache is not an inevitable part of the pregnancy experience. In actual fact pregnancy is a time when women are usually very responsive to Osteopathic treatment. Using massage techniques, mobilisation of joints, together with simple exercise regimes and sensible back care advice Osteopathy can ease the strain.

Pain in the groin or lower abdomen with a feeling that ‘something is about to give’ is often diagnosed as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction. This can make walking and even moving extremely difficult. SPD is often misdiagnosed in pregnancy and the majority of patients with these symptoms respond incredibly well to Osteopathy.

By releasing areas of tightness or restriction Osteopathy can also provide space for the growing foetus to move within the womb so helping with Optimal Foetal Positioning. This means that both mum and baby can be better prepared for labour and delivery.

We can also help out post nataly. After nine months of pregnancy and the experience of labour you now have a growing baby to lift, carry, feed, and comfort. Osteopathy is there to get you back in shape quickly and help you with the stresses and strains of early motherhood.

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