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Avoidance or Remedy?

It’s always interesting to hear the stories patients have to tell to give the back ground of the problems they present on their first consultation. We will often find out that the problem that is causing enough pain to prompt the visit to see an osteopath is the tip of the iceberg.  The other thing that can initiate that first visit is an inability to do something enjoyable or important such as a sporting activity.

Of course rather than trying to rectify the problem another possible option is avoidance.  If a particular movement, activity or task causes pain then just avoid that particular action. If you develop Repetitive Strain problems in the arms or wrists through working at a desk and computer then just change the job to avoid the computer. If running causes recurrent groin strain then stop running.

Avoidance certainly is one option but the underlying problem hasn’t gone away and you run the risk of being able to do less and less. Is that really the best option?

I’ve been treating a patient recently who had to stop cycling because it kept triggering pain and spasm in his left thigh. During the consultation he also told me about his history of hand and wrist pain associated with computer work. Luckily he found himself a better job which doesn’t involve as much use of a computer. So that’s computer work off the list and cycling off the list . . . . . what next?

Essentially aches and pains are your bodies way of telling you it’s not happy but more often than not osteopaths can not only ease the aches and pains but we can help your body return to the activity that it wasn’t particularly happy with.

As well as the hands on osteopathic treatment advice relating to changing your technique, using your body more efficiently, or introducing a more balanced exercise routine may also be included.

Now surely that’s a better option than avoidance and simply giving up the activity even though it may involve a bit more work to get you back on track.


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