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Spring Gardening Tips

It’s that time of year when folk start to venture out into their gardens after the winter hibernation so here are a few tips that may save you some bother:

Warm up – As with all exercise try some gentle stretching first, then work up gradually with lighter jobs which don’t require too much bending.

Variation – Don’t spend too long on one job; vary the work to cut down on the strain.

Equipment – If you are tall try long handled spades and forks, also sharp blades are less effort than blunt ones.

Dress – Avoid tight jeans which restrict bending of hips and knees. In colder weather wrap up to keep muscles warm and flexible.  Gloves will help your grip and reduce damage to the hands.

Don’t Stoop – If you have to bend, keep your back straight and bend the knees.

Kneeling – If you have to kneel use a kneeling mat to reduce strain on the knees. Alternate the knees as well.

Digging – Keep the back straight and dig for short periods only.

No jerking – Use smooth controlled movements and don’t jar the back.

Take your time – It will still be there tomorrow, there’s no rush.

Stop – If it hurts stop what you are doing. PAIN SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED.

Hot bath – End the day with a hot bath or shower to relax the muscles.

Just in case – Have our number near the telephone or you could come along for a pre-gardening MOT before you even start.

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